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Bohemian inspired pendant handworked in solid bronze.  Set with a natural oval Opalite precious gemstone.  Opalite is also referred to as Sea Opal Glass. This gemstone is an iridescent glass composed of Dolomite, Quartz and Fluorite and has a delicate semi-transparency which gives it its rainbow affect. This gemstone contains inclusions. In gemology, inclusions are the materials trapped inside the gemstone during formation. These inclusions reach the surface of the interior giving each gemstone its unique characteristics. Open to the back to allow light in to the gemstone. On a bronze bail with a fine faceted curb bronze chain.


Meaning: Opalite is a dynamic all-round powerful healing stone. It improves communication and removes energy blockages. It is a strength giving stone connected to self-esteem and self-worth. In yoga meditation, and Ayurveda, the gemstone is linked to Third Eye Chakra, which means it is a stone of insight and intuition.   A booklet on the meaning of this gemstone is included.


Chain length: 16 inch (40cm) with 3cm chain extension.  If you would prefer a longer or shorter chain message us at time of order.

Gemstone: 3.0cm x 4.0cm 


Presented in a handcrafted decoupage natural gift box. 

שרשרת ברונזה מאבני חן אופלית

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