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Mens dharma necklace handworked in solid bronze.  On a superior quality bronze chain.


A spiritual and symbolic symbol.  The Tibetan term for this symbol is 'the wheel of transformation'. It is an important symbol in Buddhism, referred to as the Dharma Wheel, or 'wheel of law." The spokes (usually there are eight) represent wisdom. One of the oldest known Buddhist symbols, the ancient story is that each time Buddha turns the wheel to begin a new cycle of teachings, he changes the course of destiny.  Traditionally the ship's wheel is a nautical symbol of truth, guidance and destiny.


Chain: 20 inch (50.8cm).  If you require a longer or shorter chain message us at time of order. Please note our model is wearing the 20 inch chain.

Chain link/width: 3.5mm  

Dharma: 2.5cm (diameter)  


Presented in a handcrafted natural gift box.

Mens שרשרת גלגל Dharma ברונזה

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